Take on the world with an amazing group of people.

Join our community of entrepreneurs and remote professionals who explore the world together, while working towards their dreams.

From: Diego Bejarano Gerke
WiFi Tribe Founder & CEO

A life less ordinary.

“The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.” - Oprah

What if there's something even greater out there for you?

A wild adventure. A world to discover. A different version of you – inspired, excited, growing every day, and feeling fully ALIVE! 🥲

It's your life, after all – shouldn't it be one hell of an adventure? A legendary story to tell?

What you need to make it truly epic, is a partner in crime 🦹🏽‍♂️ 🦹🏼‍♂️  Or even better, a whole bunch of them – your own tribe of misfits – to take on the world together 🌏 🫱🏽‍🫲🏼

What if I told you there's community for people like you. People who squeeze the juice out of life 🍋 People who think differently and refuse to settle for the ordinary. People who go after their dreams and live to the beat of their own drum 🥁

Would you join them?

How could your life change if these inspired, optimistic doers became your new social circle? 

We empower people to live boldly – to experience life’s greatest adventures while working towards their dreams.

That’s why the Tribe exists.

It’s a global community 🌍

And it’s also a philosophy:

​That life is too precious to live on someone else's terms.

That you have the power to create the life you want to lead. 

And that life's true richness comes from the moments you share with great people 😌👌

We're a community of 700 inspired humans from 53 nations. We squeeze the juice out of life together, while we build our dreams for the future.

We live all over the world 🌏 we travel together as we work remotely, and we all contribute in big or small ways to each others' lives and to building this community 🫱🏽‍🫲🏼

We connect through an online platform, share travel advice, support each other in our careers and side-hustles, and meet up with fellow Tribe members wherever we are in the world.

A few times a year, we live and work from adventurous destinations with 20 other Tribers for a month. We call these coliving and coworking expeditions “Chapters”.

And when we’re not on a Chapter, we’re linking up somewhere in the world to share crazy good vibes and scheme our next adventure…

    🏂⛷️  Hey! So, what if we all rent a Swiss chalet and do a ski season in the Alps together? 

    ⛰️🚶🏾‍♀️  Should we do the Machu Picchu trek next week? Or the Galapagos Islands?!

    🏝️⛵️  Let's rally everyone, get a fleet of yachts, and island hop around the Caribbean!

No matter where we go, when we go together, we make this life a beautiful adventure.

The Tribe has an unusually high concentration of remarkable people. But are they your kind of people?

Allow me to tell you who you'll find in the Tribewho we are – and if that describes you and who you want to surround yourself with, then, I can promise you that you will find your people here. And it will blow your mind 🤯

Well, we’re a bunch of entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and freedom-seeking remote professionals from all nationalities. But that only scratches the surface.

This is who we really are...

  • Passionate about life. Tribers love life. They value time, freedom, experiences, and human connection over material possessions. They believe that life can be designed. And they reinvent themselves as often as it takes to keep living authentically.
  • Positive and uplifting. Tribers lift others up and make them feel good. They turn the most disastrous trip into a legendary adventure. They’re explorers at heart and optimists by nature. Being around them always feels easy and uncomplicated.
  • Givers, not takers. Tribers believe in paying it forward. From working together to plan our weekend trip to strategizing a marketing plan for your side-hustle, we’ve got each others’ backs. In the Tribe, what goes around comes around; the more you give, the more you get.
  • All about the people. Whether extroverted or introverted, Tribers love being around people. They’re warm, playful, and easygoing. We’ll laugh until we cry and then have deep meaning-of-life conversations. We just enjoy being in each others’ company.
  • Restless self-starters. A Triber is always on a mission. They’re either already running a company or planning to start one soon; working on a passion project or diving into real-estate investment. And they’re always on the lookout for their future partner in crime!
  • Down to earth badasses. They’re talented at what they do. They have big aspirations and the courage to go after their dreams. But most importantly, they don’t let their success get to their heads. Tribers always treat everyone with dignity and kindness.

I'm curious... How did you feel when you read that description?
Goosebumps? Excited? Like you'd fit right in?

Then you just found your unique brand of people.

Yup, we're real. And we exist all over the world. In most of the cities you dream to travel to or imagine living in, there's probably a Triber there already... Or five of us, meeting up for dinner tomorrow, always happy to make space for one more friend at the table.

Welcome! Pull up a seat… 🤗

Does it feel like you're one of us already, but just haven’t met us yet?

If you feel it, I’m sure we’ll feel it too.

So without further ado...

I'd love to invite you to apply to the Tribe.

Together, we can create something extraordinary

and design a life of adventure, growth and real connection.

Care to join us?

Meet your tribe.

"The Tribe have honestly been the most lovely people I have ever met. I would not believe it if I had not been there."


I heard about WiFi Tribe through a friend who did the Panama Chapter and loved it. People were so generous, so lovely, so real, so warm and honest. Everyone was welcomed at their own "preference" - so you could join or stay away from activities without being judged. This has really felt like the big family I never had. You can always find a place to work without distractions and getting to know so many people with so many different experiences has had a large impact on how I look at things now. .

- Kathrin Toellner

"It feels like the secret sauce of WiFi Tribe that everyone talks about is the quality of people is a lot higher"


When a lot of our friends went back to in office work, my partner Amy and I kept working from the road and wanted to meet other people who did the same. It's nice getting to meet people who have experienced so many different contexts of life. People also take their work seriously - I have not met a slacker in the Tribe. Twenty of us rented a giant catamaran that took us around the island of Milos which was amazing and Valentina is an amazing host. We're off to Cusco and Costa Rica next!

- Kyle Cords

"WiFi Tribe cares about creating a thoughtful community that's intentionally designed"


I had already been traveling as a digital nomad, but I was wanting to find a community to travel with. That's what led me to seek out WiFi Tribe! The people I've met on the Chapter have been amazing! They're warm, funny, caring, supportive, and adventurous. I love how everyone in this community looks out for one another, and how Tribers come from diverse backgrounds and bring so many amazing things to the table.  The work vibe of WiFi Tribe is studious and innovative!

- Amy Suto

From: Diego Bejarano Gerke
Co-founder of WiFi Tribe

New nomads go through the same motions.

- You have your remote job. Freedom!
- You fantasize about how to use it.
- And then it dawns on you how daunting it would be to fly across the world and just… start living…

The closer you get to doing it, the more questions pop up...

How much will it cost?
Will I be safe?
How will I make friends?

We’ve all had the same questions. WiFi Tribe was built to address those questions.

We’ve helped so many people turn their nomad dream into a reality.

For us, it’s all about value, safety, and community.

  • Worlds of Adventure : Each month presents a different path of adventures. Safari in Kenya? Hike in Lima? Surf in Sri Lanka? Yes to all! And when the month’s done, our global Slack channels help Tribers find groups to continue the journey. Cowork by day. Beachside dinner by night. Excursion on the weekend. The best part of traveling with like-minded explorers is that you’ll truly make the most of your time.
  • Curated Community: Great communities don’t happen by accident. We take our time to meet new Tribers and align on what matters most. Learn with and from the amazing people at your side.
  • Tribe for Life: Chapters are just the beginning. With 100+ nationalities across the world’s major cities, we don’t need an excuse to meet up, hang out, and plan the next experience.
  • Customizable: Every chapter presents unique options to customize your home setup. Upgrade to an ocean view room. Sign-up to chef-cooked meals. Or save by staying with a roommate. Living options are cute, close to the action, and affordable.

As the world heads out of the office, there are a lot of companies to invest your money and time into.

Here’s how we’re different:

  • Community-centric : Every decision we make on destinations, experiences, and people are with the Tribe in mind. We’re really lucky to have such a beautiful and diverse community, and we invest lots of time in understanding how we can serve it better.
  • Value: We want to make sustainable travel accessible to as many people as possible. You can always expect luxurious options as well as ways to save. And the more Chapters you do, the cheaper it gets.
  • Destinations: Of course the destinations. Finding the perfect combination of personalities and interests is one thing. Getting that group together to experience the most beautiful places in the world is what we’re here for! Our locations are proposed and voted on by our community, so you can guarantee that each month’s options are amazing.

Tribe member perks.

As a member, you’ll have access to:


Community at its best - live and work from a new country with 20 Tribers for a month.

Local Hubs

Explore new cities with friends - have an instant community and a local ambassador.

Global Community

Connect with Tribers worldwide - join meetups, plan trips, and collaborate on side-hustles.

The Toolkit - SOS

Stay safe and supported - insurance, accommodations, and travel assistance.

The Journey

Invest in personal growth - a roadmap for skill-building and cultural immersion.

The Chapters

A month of connection, growth and adventure

A few times a year, Tribers take on a new country together. We live and work remotely for a month from Patagonia, Cape Town, Kyoto, or 30 other exciting destinations. We work hard during the week, hang out in the evenings, and our weekends are for epic adventures.

  • ​Colive in cool locations: Our homes have communal spaces to cowork, hang out, and cook together. We're all under one roof, or just a 5-10 minute walk away. We do all destinations; chill beach towns, exciting cities, or more remote surrounded by nature.
  • ​Have a community from day one: Our careful admissions process ensures that the people you’ll meet are solid. We don’t leave it to chance because it’s too important. We look for values alignment and a desire to contribute.
  • ​​Nail your work-play balance: We all have big dreams we’re working on. That's why we choose homes with lots of space to cowork and there are always internet  backups.
  • ​Co-create your adventure: Community is about figuring stuff out together. We don’t believe in “cookie-cutter” done-for-you tours. Everything we do – dinners, skillshares, weekend adventures – happens because a Triber has an idea and brings it to life!
  • Meet a master of community: Our Hosts are community people down to the bone. Their mission is to help us all unlock our potential to create an amazing experience together. Think of them as a community catalyst.

The Local Hubs

Find your people wherever you go

Imagine local meetups in every major city of the world. So that, wherever you go, the Tribe is already there; excited to meet you and welcome you home. That’s what we’re all working towards. We’ve already got 20 local hubs and we’re just getting started...

  • Hop into any hub: When you take your next flight, see if there’s a Tribe hub! Find out who’s there and get plugged into the next meetup, before you even land.
  • ​Meet old friends and new: Every time you travel is an opportunity to reconnect with old friends, or to grow your network within the Tribe.
  • ​Get plugged in by our Ambassador: Local Tribers volunteer to bring the hubs to life. They’ll plug you in and help you experience their hometown as a local.
  • ​​Join the meetups: Join for a dinner with the Tribe, a night out at a speakeasy bar, or maybe a weekend hike organized by fellow Tribers.
  • ​Get hot tips from the Tribe: Access city guides crafted by fellow Tribers with tips and recommendations to experience your hub like a pro traveler.

The Global Community

Take on the world with 700 remarkable humans

Connect with adventurous entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, and remote professionals from 53 nations. Whether you’re looking for friends to travel with or you love the idea of collaborating with like-minded people, you’re now plugged into the world.

  • ​Have great humans at your side: Surround yourself with easygoing, uplifting, down-to-earth badasses who value freedom, growth and connection.
  • ​Join member-run adventures: Tribers are always planning trips together; skiing in the Swiss Alps, hiking Machu Picchu, a Galapagos expedition, sailing in the Caribbean on a fleet of yachts, or taking over a castle in France (why not, right?)
  • Make your thing happen: Wherever you are right now, there are probably Tribers nearby. Connect over dinner or happy hour. Or just do a chill beach hangout for sunset.
  • ​Travel smarter: Access insider tips on the nomadic lifestyle. Find someone to rent your apartment. Stay at a Triber’s place in New York or London for less. There are so many ways to squeeze the juice out of life with 700 savvy world citizens at your side.
  • Collaborate with sharp minds: Looking for startup advice? A marketing brainstorm? Or someone to jam on investment ideas with? Well, there’s a group chat for that. Many a Triber has found their co-founder or their next big career opportunity in the Tribe…

The Toolkit - SOS

Stay Safe and Supported

Safety and support are paramount in your nomadic lifestyle. The Toolkit - SOS provides you with insurance, apartment options, and assistance with flights and hotels, ensuring you're equipped for any situation.

  • Insurance: Gain peace of mind with our comprehensive insurance coverage.
  • Apartments: Find comfortable accommodations tailored to your needs.
  • ​Flights & Hotels: Receive assistance and support for booking flights and hotels.

The Journey

Invest in Your Growth

Your journey goes beyond exploration—it's about personal and professional growth. The Journey offers you a roadmap to elevate your skills, connect with local cultures, and expand your horizons. Whether you're an aspiring digital nomad or a seasoned traveler, this perk is designed for your continued growth.

  • Roadmap: Elevate your personal and professional journey with our robust program, featuring local lunches, cultural activities, workshops and skill-sharing events.
  • ​FAQ: Access frequently asked questions to ensure you have all the information you need.

How are you squeezing the juice out of life? We believe:

Life is best enjoyed with great people by your side.

Take a bold step toward the Tribe and let’s make this life a beautiful adventure, together.

Find your tribe. Live boldly.

Join 700 Tribers from 53 nations building one global community together. We live all over the world, we support each other in achieving our missions, and we travel together as we work remotely.


Do I need a remote job before joining?

We have to say yes to this one. We live, work, and travel as a unit. We all have big dreams and careers we're moving forward on, so work is a big part of our week. We don't want people to be distracted by someone who's in full-on holiday mode and we don't want it to feel isolating for the person who currently isn't working.

How does working happen across different time zones?

There are people working across time zones in any given Chapter. We enjoy the moments of overlap when the scent of coffee is STRONG in the air, and we’re mindful of people who have to start early or finish late. And when the weekend hits… the adventure begins for everyone.

What do people value the most in the membership?

This is where the magic happens. It’s where groups plan travel before and after Chapters, or recruit nomads for mini-adventures. It’s where we share tips on great deals on an Airbnb in Oaxaca, or organize a dinner-and-drinks with anyone who happens to be passing through NYC. In short, it’s the central nervous system of Tribe life. Whether you're on the move, or members are visiting you in your home town, you’re always a Triber even when you’re not actively traveling.

Is a separate coworking space included in Chapters?

It’s not included, and people don’t miss it. Our accommodation always has enough space for everyone to be able to cowork together from home. Many of us also love working from cafés for a few hours to switch it up, so there's always a crew you can join at a coffee shop with good speeds. We also have internet backup devices just in case the internet or power goes out. Most areas we live in have coworking spaces nearby if you need to get away from it all for a day or two.

How much money should I budget for a Chapter?

This is super variable e.g. a month in Lisbon vs. a month in Medellin. We open the Slack channels for a Chapter a couple weeks before it begins, and people often share tips or prices of weekend trips in advance. If you haven’t used Numbeo before, it's great to compare your destination with where you live now and break expenses down by food, gym, travel etc.


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